Police Department Services

  1. Alarm System Registration

    All Alarm systems within the Village are required to be registered with the Clarendon Hills Police Department.

  2. Animal Licenses

    All residents are required to have a Village Animal License for all cats and dogs more than 4 months old. You must present a current certificate of rabies inoculation from a veterinarian in order to obtain the license.

  3. Village Stickers

    Residents are required to purchase a village sticker for each vehicle they will have housed in Clarendon Hills.

  4. Bicycle Registration

    Residents may register their bicycles with the Police Department. By doing so, a serial number will be engraved on the bicycle. In the case that a bike is left unattended or found and brought to the attention of an officer, we will be able to locate the owner.

  5. Found Items

    Items lost within the Village can be found listed on this page.

  6. Garage/Estate Sale Permits

    Residents may conduct two garage/estate sales in any one calendar year.

  7. Over-the-counter & Prescription Drug Disposal

    For your safety and the safety of the environment, the Police Department allows anyone to drop off any unused medications with no questions asked.

  8. Solicitors and Canvassers

    Solicitors and Canvassers are required to complete a Solicitation/Canvasser License Application with the Police Department along with a non-refundable $50.00 fee.

  9. Vacation Watch/Unoccupied Residence / Business

    Before leaving your residence/business for an extended period of time, stop in the Police Department and fill out an Unoccupied Residence/Business form. By filling this out, it will help us to contact you in a quick manner if an emergency occurs at your home/business while you are away.