Downtown Revitalization

The purpose of this project is to enhance pedestrian safety, improve traffic mobility, and install aesthetic features and landscaping throughout the downtown area of the Village of Clarendon Hills. This will be achieved by shortening crossing widths by incorporating bump-outs, new crosswalk striping, adding drop off locations at the Metra Station, a new lane configuration along Prospect Avenue, and reconfiguring the intersections of Golf Avenue/Burlington Avenue into a single T intersection. The project of work consists of the following improvements:

  • Prospect Avenue Improvements: There will be new land configurations along Prospect Avenue. At the railroad crossing, the reconfiguration of the north and southbound lanes will allow 14 foot shared bike lane and a northbound left turn only lane. North of Burlington, there will be two travel lanes, both being 16.8 foot shared bike lanes. Curb bump-outs will be constructed that will allow for shorts crosswalks at all legs of the intersections.
  • Golf Avenue/Burlington Avenue Improvements: The intersection of Golf Avenue and Burlington Avenue will become a "T" intersection, closing off the portion of Golf Avenue that curves onto Burlington Avenue. The curve will be reconfigured. Angle parking will be provided along the east side of Golf Avenue.
  • Railroad Avenue Improvements: Due to the narrow width of the roadway, Railroad Avenue may become one way westbound. The width of the road between curb bump-outs is 17.75 feet. The width of the travel way is 22 feet, and perpendicular parking will still be maintained along the north side of the street.
  • Streetscape Amenities: Brick pavers will be installed at the crosswalks to delineate the pedestrian crossing locations. New bike racks will be installed for both the shoppers as well as commuters. Additional landscaping will be installed to enhance the area. 5. Railroad Crossing Improvements: New railroad gates for vehicles and pedestrians will be installed to provide additional protection at the Prospect Avenue at-grade railroad crossing.

The Village is seeking Phase II & III Engineering Services for this project. The Request for Qualifications (RFQ) document can be found in the Related Documents section of this page. Submittals are due before 2:00 PM, July 10, 2018.

Access to Transit Improvement Project

ITEP Improvements

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