Downtown REVITALIZATION project - update page

The Downtown Revitalization Project is a set of public improvements designed to enhance the viability and pedestrian safety of Downtown Clarendon Hills. The project includes three components: 1) Prospect & Burlington Avenue Improvements; 2) Prospect Avenue Railroad Crossing Improvements; 3) Inbound & Outbound Train Station Improvements. The Downtown Revitalization Project is scheduled to start in fall 2019 and be completed in 2020. Information about alternate Commuter and Blue Dot Permit Parking during this project is posted [here].


  • ts-sculptureTrain Station – Inbound Shelters. Due to the cold weather, exterior work has stalled.
    A planned sculpture made of recycled railroad track iron rails will be installed long the east wall of the main shelter. On Friday afternoon, the Village, Legat Architects and the John Burns Construction visited the warehouse where these rails will be purchased. The chosen rails and the design schematics for the sculpture are pictured to the right. 
  • Gates. BNSF has substantially completed scheduled work. Barrier safety fence installation and pavement repair will begin in Spring 2021.
  • Streetscape. Punchlist items, including the metal railings in front of Village Hall, will be completed in Spring 2021.
  • Burlington Plaza/Alley. Survey work is complete, and Plaza-design concepts are underway. Before the Downtown Design Review Commission, the first presentation of plaza concept designs is expected in late-February, early-March. Notice of this meeting will be posted on the Village website and at Village Hall.
  • Train Station – Outbound Shelter. Construction is scheduled to start in Spring 2021, with completion by July 4, 2021.

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