Refuse Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions Village staff has received since starting implementation of the new contract for Refuse & Recycling services with Lakeshore Recycling Systems. For an overview of the program click here.

1. Are residents still allowed bulk items?

Yes, residents are still allowed one free bulk item per week.

2. Is leaf pickup still free in the Fall?

Yes, all yard waste is free from October to December.

3. Is a senior discount available, if so how do I receive the benefit?

Yes, senior discount of $3 per month is available for anyone over the age of 65. If you were already registered with Republic, we expect that information to be carried over. If not please contact LRS at: 844.NEED.LRS 

4. I will be out of town on March 30th for can pickup. What do I do?

If it is reasonable, please leave your can out before your trip or arrange with a neighbor to take it out. If that is too far in advance, or a neighbor is not an option, please put out your can as soon as you return. Republic will be making multiple sweeps to pick up missed cans.

5. Is there a Spring Amnesty Day?

Spring Amnesty Day was discontinued in 2015 when the free bulk item program was introduced.

6. When can I get new refuse stickers?

New stickers should be arriving at retailers in the next week.

7. What can I do with my old refuse stickers?

You can continue using them for the first two pickups in April. Any remaining stickers can be exchanged for new stickers at Village Hall (1 N. Prospect Ave). 

8. What are the new can sizes?

95 gallon, 65 gallon, and 35 gallon. The 95 gallon is the standard refuse size currently, and the 65 gallon is the standard recycling size.

9. Is there any price difference between sizes?


10. How can I select a can size?

Go to or call 844.NEED.LRS 

11. What's the best why to get frequent updates as this process moves forward?

Sign up for our constant contact email list by clicking here.

12. Will back door service continue?

Yes, the new program includes backdoor service.