What is a building permit?

A building permit provides protection to the property owner that the proposed scope of work meets the health, safety, and welfare of the adopted model codes. Building permits maintain safe, healthy buildings, and high property values. A building permit ensures the plans will be reviewed for all code and zoning compliance, the scope of work is inspected for code compliance, and all applicable municipal codes are met. If you are contemplating work being done either inside or outside of your home it never hurts to call the Community Development Department at 630-286-5410 and ask if a permit will be required. Below is a list of resources and codes relative to building construction in the Village of Clarendon Hills.

  • Building Permits [link]
  • Planning/Zoning/Development Review [link]
  • Municipal Code [link]
    • Building Codes [link]
    • Subdivision Code [link]
    • Zoning Code [link]

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