CHCO2 Footprint Project

The Village supports the efforts of the CHCO2 Footprint Project to promote environmental education in our community. The CHCO2 Footprint Project is a non-profit organization to support the community of Clarendon Hills with environmental education to reduce our individual and collective carbon footprints.

Its goals are to create a positive dialog with the community about environmental issues; to provide resources and links to organizations that support carbon footprint reduction; and to encourage sustainability and “thrivability” within our community though activities and implementation of environmental features.
CHCO2 participants
Using the Nature Conservancy Website and carbon footprint calculator as our model, our organization will encourage residents to calculate their current individual and household footprint. Educational events and resources will be posted on a website to support carbon footprint reduction. As a community, we will set goals to reduce our collective carbon footprint in fun and creative ways. Education programs will cover the following categories: Water Management; Energy; Food and Diet; Transportation; Recycling and Waste; and Design.
Footprint Project Wins Award - The footprint has become the “talk of the town” and has inspired other. Read the complete story on the AIA Northeast Illinois page.