Solicitors and Canvassers

Per Chapter 34 of the Municipal Code 

Time Period

Solicitor Permits are good only for the time period the solicitor indicates on the registrations form (Maximum length is 30 days),


  • Are required to complete a Solicitation/Canvasser License Application with the Police Department along with a non-refundable $50.00 fee.
  • Must carry their Police approved solicitor permit at all times.
  • Are NOT to solicit unless their permit has been approved by, and signed by the Police Chief.
  • Are to solicit ONLY between the hours of 9 am and 7 pm.
  • Are NOT to solicit where a sign saying "No Solicitors" (or of similar meaning) is displayed.
  • Are NOT to solicit on Sundays, State or National holidays.
  • Are NOT to solicit within 500 ft. of the property line of an elementary or secondary school.
  • The Police Department does not sponsor any solicitors.


No person shall distribute any handbills by depositing or placing same upon any vehicle parked in the public way or on property leased to the village for parking purposes. "Handbill" as used in this section shall mean any printed or written material or leaflet, pamphlet or booklet form. Nothing contained herein shall be deemed to restrict the dissemination of handbills by direct distribution to people in places where the distributor shall choose to personally disseminate same.

Commercial Solicitor Requirements

  • There is a $50 non-refundable fee (cash or check) for each person representing commercial companies (non-charity).
  • Complete Solicitation/Canvasser License Application for each person soliciting.
  • Driver's License or State I.D. for each person soliciting.
  • Results of Background Check completed by IL State Police Bureau of Identification (fingerprints taken by a state-approved Livescan vendor within the last 90 day) submitted to Clarendon Hills Police Department. Approved vendors can be found here:
  • Must have approved permit signed by Police Chief prior to soliciting.

CLICK HERE FOR Solicitation/Canvasser License Application