Public Works

About the Department

Public Works Department maintains the roadways, water system, storm water system, sidewalks, parkway trees, and all Village facilities.  The department also provide snow removal services.

Public Works Responsibilities

Often times it is very difficult to tell what falls under the duties of the Village's Public Works Department.  Below is a helpful guide to getting your issue resolved as quickly as possible without frustrating transfers or second calls.

Public Works Responsibilities

  • Parkways                                              
  • Village streets
  • Storm sewers
  • Sidewalks
  • Municipal parking lots
  • Trimming and removal of parkway trees
  • Snow and ice control on Roadways
  • Business district street lighting
  • Maintenance of Village buildings,
        grounds and vehicles
  • Operation and maintenance of the 
        Village water system
  • Water main breaks

Not Responsible For

  • Sanitary Sewer backups- Floor Drains, utility sinks, toilets etc. (Flagg Creek Water Reclamation District 630-323-3299)
  • Removing snow on private driveways/sidewalks
  • Trees on private property 
        (non-parkway trees)
  • Refuse and recycling 
        (Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS) 844-633-3577)
  • Dead or live animals on private property
  • Street lights, other than business district (ComEd 800-477-4022)
  • Pickup or removal of personal trees and branches (Republic Services/Allied Waste 630-964-3232)