Stormwater Management Concepts

As a result of the April 2013 flood event, the Village Board developed and reviewed a list of potential options that might be available to the Village in minimizing the impact of stormwater damage in the Village under similar circumstances. Following is a summary of conceptual options. Each concept includes a description, cost estimates and the current status.

Local Property Acquisition

  • Description: The Village would purchase flood prone properties prone to flooding and re-purpose these properties as appropriate.
  • Costs: Various, but tends to be quite expensive given high land and home values in Clarendon Hills.
  • Status: Local funding was determined not to be cost effective at this time. No properties were found to be eligible for Federal funds. Staff continues to look into the availability of other outside funding sources.

Modify Storm Water Ordinance Standards

  • Description: The Village would strengthen existing storm water standards.
  • Costs: $3,800 for engineering and development.
  • Status: Ordinance 12-08-27 amending the County’s stormwater Post Construction Best Management Practices (PCBMP) requirements was adopted on November 3, 2014 and effective May 1, 2015

Upgrade Pumping Station at Chestnut Alley

  • Description: The Village would pay for upgrades to the pumping station located at Chestnut Alley.
  • Cost: $354,000
  • Status: Plan was determined to be not cost effective given the small benefit for the stated costs. The Village is seeking funding assistance from the DuPage County Water Quality Improvement Program to enhance this program both in its capacity to store stormwater and improve the collected stormwater prior to release to the natural stormwater system (updated 12/15/2014).

Creation of additional Storm Water Detention

  • Description: The Village would explore the creation or the improvement of storm water detention facilities. Many options were explored.
    • Underground water storage facility at Park Avenue - Cost $19 Million
    • Major Hosek Park Detention Expansion - Cost $5 Million
    • Minor Hosek Park Detention Expansion - Cost $1.3 Million
    • Dallas Street Detention Basin Improvements - Cost $11.3 Million
    • Metra Lot Underground Stormwater - Cost $8 Million
  • Status: None of the proposed upgrades were determined to be cost effective at this time. The Village made many storm water improvements in the recent past that were cost effective, however new improvements have not yet been identified that meet this standard.

Monthly Stormwater Fee

  • Description: The fee would be a monthly charge on resident water bills to fund storm water improvements.
  • Status: Village Board chose not to move forward with a fee at this time.

Deep Root Detention Pond Plantings

  • Description: Plantings in the Village detention ponds could allow these spaces to hold more water in flooding events.
  • Cost: Unknown
  • Status: Public Works continues to explore this option.