Stormwater Management

The Village of Clarendon Hills is tributary to two different watersheds: Bronswood Creek and Flagg Creek. The Bronswood Watershed drains northeast to Salt Creek, while the Flagg Creek drains southeast to the Des Plains River. The Village adopted and administers the DuPage County Stormwater Ordinance, last amended by the County in April 2013, and by the Village in November 2014 and September 2015.  As a partial waiver community, the Village has limited jurisdiction over reviewing applications for, and issuing, Stormwater Management Certificates, and has the ability to amend the County ordinance to more strictly meet the needs of the local community. The Village’s stormwater management system is comprised of public stormwater pipes, culverts, drainage ditches, temporary storage basins and ponds; more importantly privately held and maintained drainage systems, basins and ponds. Both systems need to be maintained to reasonably convey rainwater fallen in the Village or passing through from our neighboring communities. Notable stormwater facilities located in the Village include: Blue Lake, Chestnut Alley Lift Station, Flagg Creek, Hinsdale Golf Club (privately held and maintained), Hosek Park, Park Avenue Basis and Lift Station, and Prospect Park.

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Notable Local Projects and Programs.

  • Annual Stormwater Improvement Cost-Share Program [link]
  • Chestnut Alley Lift Station and Water-Quality Alley Improvement
  • Downtown Revitalization Project (Train Station and Village Hall Front Lawn) [link]

Stormwater Management Studies