Overnight Parking Enforcement


The Village of Clarendon Hills enforces parking regulations in order to ensure an orderly parking system and safety throughout the village. The Police Department is responsible for enforcing these regulations. View a list of these parking regulations (PDF) enforced by the Police Department.


Parking on village streets is prohibited between the hours of 2:00 am and 6:00 am - violators will be ticketed. If you need to park your vehicle overnight you must contact the Police department by phone at (630) 286-5460 or online here:www.frontlinepss.com/clarendonhills

Requests must be received prior to 2:00 am cutoff.

  • Residents and non-residents are limited to 14 requests per year.
  • Overnight parking requests have to be made daily, we do not take multiple-day requests.
  • Overnight parking requests received AFTER 2 am may still be subject to citation.
  • Overnight parking will not be granted when there is two inches or more of snow fall.
  • Overnight Parking is prohibited in pre-designated areas of the Village. Requests to park in these areas will be denied automatically by the use of this online form.
  • Overnight Parking permission does not exempt daytime parking regulations, such as permits where required, 6am-10am resident parking, etc.


Pay Parking Tickets Online

Use online bill pay to pay for parking tickets online.