Village Board Of Trustees

The Village President and six other members of the Board of Trustees are elected for four years and serve without pay. The job of the Village Board is to levy taxes, appoint certain officials, make policy, administer Village finances, oversee Village services, supervise Village planning, and handle legal matters. There are six standing committees of the Board: Administrative & Legislative, Community & Intergovernmental Affairs, Finance, Land Use, Public Safety, and Public Service. Each committee is chaired by a Trustee. Ad hoc committees are named as needed. The function of the committees is to recommend policy to the Village Board. Regular meetings of the Board of Trustees are held the first and third Monday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Village Hall Board Room at 1 N. Prospect Avenue. All meetings are open to the public.The Village President, Clerk, and Board of Trustees can be contact by the numbers and emails listed below.
President Len Austin
Village President
Len Austin
Phone 630-286-5420
Email Len

Term 2023
Treasurer Dawn Tandle
Village Clerk
Dawn Tandle
Phone 630-286-5403
Email Dawn

Term 2023
Trustee Greg Jordan
Village Trustee
Greg Jordan
Phone: 630-286-5422
Email Greg

Term 2023
Trustee Don Knoll
Village Trustee
Don Knoll 
Phone: 630-286-5421
Email Don

Term 2021
Trustee Ken Hall
Village Trustee
Ken Hall
Phone: 630-286-5423
Email Ken

Term 2021
Trustee Carol Jorissen
Village Trustee
Carol Jorissen
Phone: 630-286-5424
Email Carol

Term 2023
Trustee Wil Freve
Village Trustee
Wil Freve
Phone: 630-286-5425
Email Wil

Term 2021
Village Trustee
Matt DeDobbelaere
Phone: 630-286-5426
Email Matt

Term 2023